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Tactical Escape Kit

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Tactical Escape Kit Drafted by special forces personnel. Used to make it easier to get out... mehr
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Tactical Escape Kit

Drafted by special forces personnel. Used to make it easier to get out of multi-storey buildings when the soldiers are stuck in a building without a back exit. The descender cord can be attached to an object in the room or on the roof and positioned so that it runs down the side of the building. The system can also be used to lower injured persons from height to the ground. Includes 75 foot lightweight hybrid rope (6.6 mm). The hybrid rope is made of a blend of Kevlar and polyester. Kevlar is used in the sheath construction to provide exceptional cut resistance. Uses a micro-eight descent device and a unique karabiner that allows increased friction when needed. 6.6mm Hybrid fall arrest system strength 3200 lbf. (14kN). Packed in a mesh bag that is secured in a MOLLE compatible bag.

Digital Leaf Green Colour Army/Marines Version
Terra/Coyote Colour Bag with unique quick release fastener system for wearing on the belt (Seal Version)

Origin: Made in USA
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